Washington State Aggression Replacement Training

Washington State Aggression Replacement Training:

Over the years we have worked together, I have come to appreciate the depth of the skills Han evidences in the areas of program development and research. Han was critical for the acceptance of WSART as a program accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. He not only translated and adapted our WSART Trainer’s manual but also authored several other manuals that are required in the Dutch system. Without these works the WSART (TACt) program would not have a solid implementation. In addition, in 2011 and 2012 Han further developed WSART into an individual program (TACt-i) given to youth unable to attend WSART groups. As far as I know, Han is the first person in the world to create this adaptation of the original ART program. In Washington State we are very interested in the further development of TACt-i by Han and the research findings.
Han’s reputation in Washington is of the highest quality. The Juvenile Court Administrators and Community Juvenile Accountability Act Advisory Committee have been willing to share data, manuals and other documents with Han to aid in the development of a risk/needs assessment that is unique to the Dutch culture.

Christopher J. Hayes, M.Ed.
Washington State Aggression Replacement Training
Quality Assurance Specialist